Ogilvy introduces Stefan the stool expert to combat constipation

19 May 2017

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Stefan the stool expert is on a mission to combat constipation in a new ad for Coloxyl.

To discuss the heavy topic of constipation, Ogilvy CommonHealth brought in the big guns - Stefan, who knows everything about stools.

In the campaign for Aspen Pharmacare, the colourful character compares different stools - of the chair variety.

Ogilvy CommonHealth’s Creative Director Toby Pickford says the campaign aims to reach a younger audience and address a sensitive subject with toilet humour.

“Not many great ideas survive a research group, but luckily this did,” he says.

“It’s a stunningly simple, yet very powerful idea because it tells it like it is. It normalises the problem and offers sufferers a solution without embarrassing or patronising them. Nobody has spoken about constipation in this way and it takes a great agency client relationship to make that happen.”

Tim Small, Brand Manager at Aspen said: “With constipation being a condition that is not generally spoken about, we wanted to develop a campaign that would engage with consumers without making them feel uncomfortable. We are very excited to introduce Stefan the stool expert to Australia, to help us build awareness of Coloxyl and the benefits of soft, comfortable stools.”

The campaign will run across radio, online content, digital ads and POS materials.

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