Monash University encourages the next generation of movie makers

7 November 2018

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Monash University unveils its extended work ‘Build Your Own Documentaries’ in a new campaign from Y&R Melbourne

Monash University is promoting its content publishing platform that allows students and industry professionals to build their own documentaries based on issues they find interesting.

The campaign introduces the ‘Build Your Own Documentary’ publishing platform, which is an extension of the successful ‘A Different Lens’ documentary series.

The platform allows users to build their own documentaries with seven broad themes. There are hundreds of hours of footage, cutaways and music tracks, with millions of possible outcomes. Users are able to engage with the issues the most important to them.

Monash University CMO Fabian Marrone says, “The platform allows users to generate highly targeted, highly relevant, in-depth content for an audience of one, instantly.”

“This gives people the chance to sit in the director’s chair and dictate what they want to see,” says Y&R Melbourne Creative Director, James Wills.

Check it out here.


Client: Monash University

Chief Marketing Officer: Fabian Marrone

Director, Demand Generation and Audience Marketing: Caroline Knowles

Demand Generation and Audience Marketing: Jane Mahuru


Agency: Y&R Melbourne

Chief Creative Officer: Paul Nagy

Executive Creative Director: Jake Barrow

Creative Director: James Wills

Technical Lead: Michael Zaporozhets

Digital Producer: Gabriel Montalban

Developer: Shashwat Amin

Developer: Rhys Burnie

Interactive Designer: Leigh Maslij

Interactive Designer: Nick Roche

UX Designer: Guy Tuckwell

Executive Producer: Sheridan Wadelton

Producer: Emma King

Production Assistant: Annie Thiele

Editor: Alek Janev

Group Account Director: Matthew Hunt

Account Director: Louise Brugman

Account Executive: Thomas Wilson

Designers: Lewis Brown, Simon Gray


Music: DG Music

Animation: Jumbla

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