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11 December 2014

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Air New Zealand wishes you a very Kiwi Christmas.

Air New Zealand has employed Santa Claus for its 'Meanwhile in... New Zealand' campaign, to wish everyone a very Kiwi Christmas. 

Santa arrives on a tractor to surprise a group of primary school students who are as excited as you would expect, to see Santa. They ride at the back of the tractor until they reach the 'Pyramids'. Earlier in the video we see flight attendants and other Kiwis assembling oversized Christmas decorations. Much to the children's surprise the mountain lights up with fairy lights and decorations; a gigantic Christmas tree is before them.

The video features New Zealand's beautiful scenery, with sunsets, beautiful coastline and forest, the Christmas themed video is a perfect advertisement for the country's natural beauty. 

The creative and production for the video was handled by Host and Two Bearded Men.

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