MasterChef star creates receipe series for #WednesdaysWithCrockPot

12 June 2019

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Poh Ling Yeow is helping Aussies get over their mid-week meal slump in a six-part recipe series in collaboration with Crock-Pot.

Crockery brand Crock-Pot has launched a campaign #WednesdaysWithCrockPot with MasterChef star, celebrity chef and ambassador Poh Ling Yeow to create quick and easy cooking solutions to help Aussies overcome their bland mid-week meals.

The campaign includes six exclusive new recipes from Poh, with one being released per week.

It has been launched off the back of new research released by Crock-Pot which found that Aussies feel particularly stuck for cooking ideas on Wednesdays.

The research revealed that cooking inspiration does not strike on hump day, with 45% of Aussies on the hunt for an easy solution with a short cook time, and 39% of those who lack inspiration finding Wednesday cooking to be a "mid-week dilemma". Of those who do cook, 29% get most stuck for dinner inspiration on a Wednesday.

“I want this new recipe series to provide inspiration for mid-week meal solutions and offer dishes that are quick and easy but also incredibly flavourful," Yeow says.

"It’s funny, everyone thinks I’m whipping up fancy dinners every night but I’m just like all busy Aussies who need most meals to be fuss free. My favourite thing about Crock-Pot is it keeps me eating healthily during those busy times when takeaway is really tempting - you can just bung everything in the one-pot, walk away and multitask like a boss!

"Who doesn’t love that? I’ve made sure there are recipes for the changing seasons and all stages of the day, so you get a great feel for how versatile this magic pot is. I hope everyone loves them as much as I do.”

 Although on Wednesdays, Aussies get stuck for cooking ideas, the research shows that they are also likely to look up a recipe, with 29% of Aussies jumping online or digging out an old cook book.

When completely lacking meal inspiration, 42% of the nation default to getting a takeaway, followed by 33% eating leftovers. 28% of males are less likely to have leftovers than 37% of females.

Of all the generations, millennials struggle the most with home-cooked meals, with 53% choosing takeaway as their go-to cooking solution. While those who have kids are more inclined to cook but also lack inspiration, especially from Wednesday onwards.

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