Maggi undergoes a brand re-positioning in latest work from Marcel

28 June 2018

Creative Agency: Publicis Marcel (Sydney)

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The new campaign is all about introducing customers to the new Maggi Marketplace and inviting them to tap into their inner chef when cooking at home.

Maggi and agency Marcel Sydney are challenging Australians to cook and enjoy food more at home in its latest campaign.

As part of the campaign, Maggi is shifting its brand positioning with the launch of a new 'Maggi Marketplace' that celebrates home chefs cooking healthy meals.

“As a nation, we’re passionate about food, photographing what we eat more than ever before," Maggi marketing manager Tracy Hardwick says.

"Yet busy lifestyles mean people are hard-pushed to find time during the week to cook from scratch"

The two 30-second TV ads feature an 'expert-chef-style' voiceover guiding the viewer through the individual quirks and unusual culinary techniques of Maggi cooks.

In one, a couple prepares a meal using rather unconventional methods of getting key elements into – and out of – their cooking pan.

In the second, a woman uses her kitchen utensils in an awkward way as she prepares her meal. Both ads feature new Maggi Marketplace products.

“Cooking at home is rarely perfect and that’s exactly what we wanted to celebrate with this new campaign. There are so many food shows, contests and docos out there, it can be intimidating for some people to even contemplate using their kitchen," Marcel creative Grace O’Brien says.

It’s exciting to be able to focus on the quirks, slip-ups and personal touches that resonate with us all. After all, if you’ve got a kitchen, you’re a chef. Technically speaking.”

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