Lotterywest and Marketforce reveal Powerball rebranding

16 May 2018

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The new branding was rolled out to complement new game features introduced to Powerball this month.


Lotterywest and Marketforce have launched a new campaign as part of a rebranding for Powerball.

As part of the campaign, the new Powerball tagline, ‘multi-millionaire problems you’d like to have’, will appear across all channels including social, digital, radio, outdoor, experiential, point of sale, TV and video.

“The changes follow national research alongside other lotteries around Australia to enhance the features of Powerball that our players most enjoy – higher level jackpots and the chance to win a prize more often,” Lotterywest senior brand officer – OZ Lotto and Powerball Melissa Catenacci says.

“The new brand identity reflects Powerball as our premium and biggest jackpotting Lotto game and drives differentiation within our game portfolios. After some years on hiatus, we hope this new Powerball brand will reconnect with West Australians in a relevant and engaging way that lives beyond a simple jackpot number.

The new Powerball campaign followed extensive consumer testing and features a range of WA based actors.

“Powerball is already the most readily recalled lottery game by West Australians. The challenge is to make it more attractive to play. We have capitalised on changes to the gameplay mechanic and prize structure to up-the-ante,” Marketforce GM Nicole Cikarela says.

“With bigger jackpots and more overall winners, players will have bigger problems when they win! That being Powerball Problems."


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