Kiwi vehicle certifier goes post-apocalyptic in latest ad

13 September 2018

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Kiwi vehicle certifier VTNZ bring a Mad Max like post-apocalyptic warrior to register his car in brand new campaign.

New Zealand vehicle safety company VTNZ have gone post-apocalyptic in their latest campaign.

VTNZ have launched this 45-second campaign to promote the vehicle certifiers customer service.

In the ad, Road Commander, a post-apocalyptic warrior, attempts to get his certification from VTNZ in a car that looks like it's from Mad Max complete with a flame thrower.

Sharon, who is in charge of advising Road Commander about the car, kindly informs him that he cannot have these dangerous weapons in the car. After removing the weapons, she adds windscreen wipers on his vehicle and it passes certification.

The short piece ends panning away from the car with the words “VTNZ, we’re on your side".

VTNZ aim to show that regardless of the situation they will deliver a high standard and work towards ensuring that whatever you aim to achieve with them the process will be without any stresses.

The campaign will roll out over the next 18 months and will consist of five TV commercials along with radio ads, out-of-home advertising and across social media.

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