Kids get off the naughty list with help from Air New Zealand.

30 November 2018

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Air New Zealand is flying kids to The International Naughty Kids Summit - a gathering to get kids off Santa’s naughty list.

Santa leaked the 'naughty list' this year in an email mishap, but Air New Zealand is here to help kids redeem themselves in its new campaign 'The Nicest Christmas Ever'.

After discovering they'll miss out on presents from Santa, three kids decide to hold an International Naughty Kids Summit.

During the gathering each representative, including one from the US, UK and Argentina, promise new changes, such as doing all their chores, to get them off the 'naughty list'.

New Zealand is able to finally get them into Santa’s good books by cheekily promising to be nice to Australia.

The campaign features just 17 of the 300 children who auditioned for the spot, alongside the elf Noel.

Noel first appeared in the viral 2017 Christmas ad by the airline, 'A Very Merry Mistake', which attracted 13 million views and was awarded the Global Content award at PRWeek Global Awards in London.

Air New Zealand general manager of global brand and content Jodi Williams said the campaign is a continuation of its reputation for injecting Kiwi humour into the holiday celebrations.

“From childhood memories of writing to Santa, through to the drama of a festive tech fail, the heartwarming video plays on silly season moments in a very Kiwi way,” Williams said.

“Showcasing our people is a hallmark of Air New Zealand’s brand campaigns and it was fantastic to be able to share the limelight with more of the Air New Zealand family this time.”

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