James Boag throws back to Tasmanian roots

28 July 2016

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James Boag is kicking off an influencer campaign as it returns to its roots in partnership with Tourism Tasmania.

James Boag has launched its latest brand campaign in partnership with Tourism Tasmania and partners Land Rover, Canon and MJ Bale.

The Tasmanian beer brand is paying tribute to its roots through a series of adventure and discovery initiatives of the southerly state, which will be led by photographer influencers.

James Boag marketing manager Malcolm Eadie says: “We know our target consumer lives a fast paced urban lifestyle but the idea of returning to rugged captures the true essence of James Boag in savouring the purity of the Tasmanian elements."

In the first initiative launched, James Boag sent city-based photographers on an expedition to Tasmania to document their own experience.

In the first ad, photographer Jarrad Seng embarks on a quest to rekindle his inspiration. He says says: “What nature can do that a city can’t is make you feel like you are completely at mercy to the elements.”

Tourism Tasmania CEO John Fitzgerald says: “Going behind the scenery to uncover the real character and rugged beauty of Tasmania is what our tourism brand is very much about, and this has been captured brilliantly in James Boag’s latest brand campaign.”

The film will be promoted via James Boag and the partners’ social and digital channels as well as featuring in Qantas


Client: Lion James
Boag (Amy Dreverman & Caroline Wood)
Collaborators: Jarrad Seng & Tourism Tasmania
Strategy Director / Managing Partner: Tom Phillips
EP / Founder: Dave Jansen
Creative: Melvin J. Montalban
Director: Dylan Duclos
DOP: Christopher miles
Sound Designer: Josh Beattie
Colourist: Matt Fezz
Project Manager: Gwendolyn Jimenez
Talent Manager: Vinh Pham
Producer: Annie Schutt
Production Manager: Morgan Taylor
Production Assistant: Amy Jarman

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