Jägermeister and Vice create content campaign on Australian expats in Berlin

4 August 2015

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Jägermeister has teamed up with digital media giant Vice and media agency UM to produce a suite of content that plans to build on the brand's music credentials among their millennial audience.

The campaign is set to run on Vice's electronic music channel, Thump, until the end of September.

Thump travelled to the world's club culture centre, Berlin, to see how four Australian electronic music expats live in the German capital, shooting the documentary 'Australians in Berlin’.

While the video is the centre of the campaign, a series of ongoing written and audio content, including mixes, photos and city and club guides will run with it, all supported through social media, partner channels and blogs.

Commerical director of Vice's in house agency Virture, Alex Light, said there was a “real cultural movement happening in the growing influence of the Berlin scene on Australia’s electronic music community.”

“With Jägermeister looking to reinforce their roots and modernise their connection to the motherland, whilst bringing a distinctive Australian element to the campaign, shining a spotlight on Australians experiencing the electronic music scene in Berlin made perfect sense."


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