Intro Travel launches 'out of this world' campaign

2 December 2019

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The campaign was shot over four months in six different countries.

Intro Travel has just released a new marketing campaign that’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

With the overarching message of ‘Everyone is an Explorer’ the longer form video that heads the campaign presents stunning visuals and innovative editing.

Shot over four months in six different countries it’s a travel-frothing, adventure-filled visual delight, backed up by an amazing original music score which showcases some of Intro’s most epic destinations and experiences along with a strong personal message.

“We wanted to move away from the idea of travel only being about beautiful destinations (although you’ll certainly see a few of them in this video)," Intro Travel brand manager Bryce Collins says.

"We know that for many young people travelling can seem like you are stepping out of the familiar and into a whole other world. We wanted to show that you’re not alone in that feeling.

"We believe that travel can be for anyone, that everyone can be an explorer, and you’ll be blown away when you take those first small steps out of your comfort zone and see where they take you."

Intro worked closely with the Australian film duo Rat & Dragon to create the video that would launch this campaign.

They not only conceptualised the visuals, shot and edited this dynamic piece but had the unlikely task of building a realistic Spacesuit from scratch, which now holds pride of place in Intro Travel’s head office lobby in Sydney.

The campaign will be live across press, digital and social media channels across the UK, US and Australia. 

The video will be appearing cross platform as shorter ads, which will be appearing across Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat and recut as suits each platform.

INTRO Travel Team
Bryce Collins – Brand Manager
Amber Young – Digital Media Manager
Danni Cattelan – Graphic Designer
Trent Ford – General Manager
Michael Fotheringham – Director
Production Company: Rat & Dragon
Saxon Yuen – Director
Nicola Petrides – Producer

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