Imagine what's possible with Lotto NZ

14 July 2015

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Lotto New Zealand's emotional new ad asks you to think about what you could really buy with a lotto win.

The 90 second ad, from DDB New Zealand, tells the story of a hard-working fisherman who lives with his dad and son but is often away at sea.

Lotto NZ chief marketing officer Guy Cousins said the the idea came from speaking with real lotto winners who have amazing stories about how their lives have changed since their win, but not in the ways you would think.

"It’s not just about the things they can buy, but more about the freedom to choose how to spend their time and being able to focus on what really matters – quality time with family and friends," Cousins said.

“We wanted to tell a story of what that freedom might mean to one family. It’s beautifully shot and it’s quite emotional. The film is the start of a long-term campaign across many touch-points that encourages New Zealanders to "Imagine" what they could do with their lives, to put themselves in the picture, and to dream about winning the big one."

DDB chief creative officer Damon Stapleton said the ad gives every New Zealander "permission to imagine."

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