Hungry Jacks gets political

6 June 2016

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Forget Malcom Turnbull and Bill Shorten, vote Hungry Jack's Whopper for Prime Minister.

Hungry Jacks is getting boarding the political train, putting the Whopper in the run for PM.

In the ad, the voice over says: "Australia, it's time to choose a leader who is honest... A true blue Australian who is loved by millions... And with no added hormones."

With over 45 years of pleasing the Australian people, Whopper aims to build an Australia where all citizens can enjoy better tasting burgers.

“Without a doubt, Whopper will stand out from the other candidates as none of them are burgers,” said one voter today.

Australians already support Whopper’s ministerial team, including Chips, the preferred candidate for Deputy Prime Minister if Whopper is elected. “We always work perfectly together,” Whopper said.

The campaign is now in full swing at 400 plus Hungry Jack’s restaurants Australia-wide. Voting online at is expected to be brisk, with voters eagerly seeking the rewards on offer.

Would you vote #WhopperforPM?

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