Honda ad like driving in a dream

6 January 2016

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Honda Civic ad is not so much 'walking on a dream' as it is driving in one.

The spot, produced in the US by RPA, shows a Honda designer busy sketching ideas before heavy safe doors on the back of his head explode open to unveil his ideas in motion.

A sleek Honda Civic rolls out on an imaginary road that winds around the room in a fantastical CGI landscape.

The journey takes in a corkscrew and vertical loop around the designer's head with an air balloon-clad tree floating away on the horizon.

And all of this fun is set against classic Empire of the Sun tune, Walking on a Dream.

Although the ad cleverly visualises the tagline 'Direct from our imagination', it is too busy to really enjoy the car (this is all about the journey) and leaves you none the wiser about its call-to-action features.

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