Holidays are better than toasters, says Velocity

31 October 2017

Creative Agency: CHE Proximity

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Velocity and CHE Proximity have launched the next iteration of its data-driven creative approach, designed to educate Aussies on the value of their frequent flyer points.

Velocity has created an expo to convince Australians that it's best to use their frequent flyer points on holidays - not toasters.

The spot, by CHE Proximity, follows the successful ‘Billion Point Giveaway’ campaign, which has achieved numerous accolades this year.

Designed to educate Australians that their points are better off with Velocity, the campaign highlights Velocity customers will receive an extra 15% bonus this month.

Over 15 films have been created to appear in addressable digital media and on TV, boosted by out of home, display, search and in-airport activity.

Both owned and paid media have been planned together to ensure a sequential story unfolds for every viewer no matter what channel they’re in. Addressable channels will allow people to see the most relevant parts of the expo, based on a number of data points including demographics, previous behaviour and interaction with the campaign.

Australians will be invited to attend the expo via an online experience, where they can have a ‘conversation’ with a Velocity Valuer about their points.

Velocity CMO Dean Chadwick says the media model used is a "smarter" way to target the viewer, leveraging CHE Proximity's in-house media skills.

“Research told us that many people don't understand the value of their points and we know moving them to Velocity is a great option. Especially with our 15% bonus. So, we needed something that was designed to educate but executed in a very watchable way. Putting our ‘staff’ in an expo and letting people watch it unfold felt like a great solution," Chadwick says.

"We’ve also pushed our media model to make it smarter and more relevant to the viewer than ever before which allows us to release new videos into the mix throughout the month so they want to keep watching.”

“Our biggest creative opportunity these days is to find ideas that allow us to create content to stay relevant and watchable for each of the different audience groups, over long periods of time. We wanted to make this work feel like we were covering a ‘live event’, rather than creating a couple of films that lose relevance over time," CHE Proximity ECD Ant White says.

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