Golden Circle to launch new sparkling product

19 March 2019

Advertiser: Kraft Foods
Creative Agency: Cummins&Partners
Media Agency: Spark Foundry

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Golden Circle to launch a new sparkling juice product with new large-scale Cummins&Partners campaign.

Golden Circle is set to launch a new sparkling juice product with a large-scale campaign created by Cummins&Partners aimed at highlighting the unique positioning for Golden Circle Sparkling in a crowded category.

While Golden Circle is a household name, their new Sparkling range hopes to shake up the juice category with this new product innovation. It comprises of a new range of sparkling juice flavours, lightly carbonated that come in a variety of formats.

The campaign rolls out with a major TV campaign directed by Tony Rogers at Guilty, followed by additional TV edits, sponsorship of Dancing with the Stars, online versions, digital display and out-of-home.

Commenting on the campaign Sean Cummins from Cummins&Partners, says, “There are a lot of brands talking about sparkling and effervescence in the market at the moment but we have found a truly unique and charming way to dramatise a functional aspect whilst still paying homage to Golden Circle’s amazing history and heritage.”


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