Geico's 2015 ad is unskippable

1 July 2015

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Geico tricks us into hearing all about insurance in it's very clever new ad.

Geico and The Martin Agency have come together to produce a witty ad that tricks viewers into watching a pre-roll and hearing about insurance.

Facing the ad-skipping trend straight on, the voiceover spells it out in the first five seconds: “You can’t skip this Geico ad because it’s already over.”

We’ve been had so we might as well watch the rest of it to see where it goes. As the big dog munches its way through the family’s dinner, we’re mesmerised because it’s so wrong but then it’s so right.

Kudos to the actors for staying still and not cracking up, but perhaps it was the 99th take.

A victory for pre-rolls.

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