Fox Sports tells the story of the balls behind the games

11 January 2017

Advertiser: Foxtel

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No one puts the ball in the corner, except for on Fox Sports.

Fox Sports Australia has released a powerful new ad as part of its ‘I am’ campaign.

The ad focuses on the balls that are the stars of the games broadcasted on Foxtel, from basketball, cricket, netball, tennis, soccer and more.

It is narrated by a young boy describing the ins and outs of the various sports.

He says: “What the ball really loves is the ballet, the motion, the dance. Don’t for a minute think the ball doesn’t have an ego.”

Fox Sports refreshed marketing approach kicked off last February, as the first campaign from Cummins&Partners. It introduced the ‘We’re a Fox Sporting Nation’ tagline.

The ‘We’re a Fox Sporting Nation’ tagline began in February last year with a campaign by Cummins&Partners.

Despite the account moving to TBWA, with Foxtel and Fox Sports moving under a single agency, the network has kept the 2016 tagline.

This promotion was created by Fox Sports Creative.

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