Finder backs BBL, launches $15m ad campaign

15 December 2017

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The $15 million “Find Better” ad features new-style creative and celebrates the endless pursuit of 'finding better'.

The campaign, in partnership with its creative agency One3Six and media agency Frontier Australia, includes Big Bash League broadcast sponsorship and interactive Big Bash Entertainment Index (BBEI).

The ad spend includes a combination of metro and regional TV, subscription TV, broadcast sponsorship as well as digital brand investments.

In addition to the ad, featuring a hip hop vibe produced by Song Zu, Finder is a broadcast sponsor of the Big Bash League. As part of the campaign, has launched a Big Bash entertainment comparison interactive hub on, analysing cricket statistics in a way never seen before.

Using results from Season 06, the Big Bash Entertainment Index (BBEI) was created, which gives a value to how much fun is offered by each ground, team and game. After every game of the upcoming season, finder will release the BBEI, adding a new perspective on Big Bash coverage.

Co-founder of, Fred Schebesta, says: “We want to reach as many Australians as we can, and there’s no better way to do this in summer than by sponsoring one of Australia’s most loved sports.

“In fact, the Big Bash League is the fifth-largest sport league in the world, by attendance, with over one million people watching the game at the matches, and millions more on TV and online."

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