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13 June 2017

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Uber unveils a long take 60-second spot from BBH as its first UK TV ad.

Uber has launched its first UK TV ad which represents the 'endless possibilities' of the car riding service.

The 60-second spot from BBH London features two passengers weaving in and out of cars in one extended single shot to show the ease and accessibility of using Uber.

The duo dance from one end of the set to the other in under 60 seconds.

The ad is part of the “Where to” campaign which launched in the UK last week and is supported by of out-of-home advertising.

The ad may be part of a larger attempt to repair the company's reputation, as it was reported last week Uber chief executive Travis Kalanick may be forced to take a leave of absence amid sexual harassment claims.

This is BBH's first TV ad for Uber since winning the account in March 2016.

The ad was directed by John Lewis’ "Man on the moon" and Sport England's "This girl can" director Kim Gehrig.

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