Divert your eyes from reality to your mobile

9 September 2014

Creative Agency: BMF

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Old people pashing on busses and portly gents twerking. Amaysim pitches its mobile data deal as a way to avert your eyes from things you just don't want to see.

Amaysim is eying one million Aussie customers and it's using mobile data to lure them in.

There's all kinds of things in life you really don't want to see, like an old couple pashing on the bus and a generously-sized man doing a Miley and twerking in his lounge room - nobody needs to see that.

The telco is introducing 'the orange arm' in its latest brand ad, that helpfully appears and presses buttons on your mobile to divert your attention to things you do want to see on your phone instead.

The telco hopes the idea will help it move up a gear and grow its 600,000-strong customer base.

The campaign will run online and on TV.

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