3 July 2014

Advertiser: Penguin Books Australia

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When was the last time you had a conversation in a phone booth? When was the last time you spoke to your favourite author in a phone booth?

Dial-a-Story is a collaboration between Sandpit and Penguin Books Australia. The project sees authors and readers sharing stories in specially crafted Penguin Phone Booths located in book-lovers' haunts across Australia.

Participants can dial one of five authors –TV personality such as John Safran, celebrity gardener Jamie Durie, children's book author Graeme Base, celebrity chef Maggie Beer or radio personality Father Bob Maguire. Dial into a never-before-heard personal story from the author’s own life.

The authors then invite you to leave your own message. Once you have shared your story and hung up, the phone booth prints a unique ticket with an ID and URL.

The URL allows you to hear your story back, share it on Facebook or Twitter and hear other readers' stories.

Client: Penguin Books Australia
Agency: Sandpit

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