Coughing billboard responds to cigarette smoke

11 January 2017

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Put out your darts: An out-of-home billboard for a quit-smoking brand coughs when it whiffs cigarette smoke from passing smokers.

A Swedish pharmacy is using state of the art smoke detection technology to sniff out smoke.

An animated advertising screen, featuring a young man's head and shoulders, shows him coughing whenever smokers pass by thanks to embedded smoke detectors.

The screen was set up in a Stockholm plaza where people regularly congregate to smoke.

In the pharmacy’s advert for the billboard, the young man tells viewers: ‘We’re the Swedish Pharmacy Hjärtat. Our mission is to help you live a longer and healthier life.

‘That’s why I’m here, to help you get new, healthier habits just in time for the New Year.”

The campaign's video shows smoking passersby stopping in shock as the black-and-white man on the screen breaks into cough.

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