Clones front Apple ad for new watch

25 September 2018

Advertiser: Apple

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Apple focuses on the ‘Better You’ with fitness focused campaign promoting new Apple Watch Series 4.

Apple motivates the ‘Better You’ with its latest campaign released on its Canadian YouTube channel.

The 30-second ad depicts one man and his five doppelgängers as they compete for physical superiority.

Celebrating the release of their new wearable, the Apple Watch Series 4, the ad opens on a bearded man relaxing at home. Suddenly, his carbon copy joins him, but this one takes notice when his Apple Watch instructs him to stand.

The two identical men spot a third man outside speaking animatedly on a call routed from his watch to his Apple wireless earbuds as he paces the pavement.

The three dead ringers are shocked as a fourth lookalike rushes past, this time running at pace, looking to his Apple Watch for real-time pace stats.

The clones increase in number and physical exertion, culminating in an ambitious ocean swim, during which the water resistant properties of the latest Apple Watch are displayed.

Released globally, the Apple Watch Series 4 includes a multitude of improved features, with improved heart-rate sensors, and an in-built electrocardiogram and heart-rhythm monitor.

While Apple advocate that such tools are not replacements for visiting medical professionals, they are credited with being able to detect some heart-related irregularities such as atrial fibrillation.

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