Climate organisation campaigns to change the future

17 January 2019

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Local arm of global creative activist group is demanding climate change action.

Climate organisation has created a campaign that shows iconic landmarks in a climate change future. is one of the globe's largest creative activism groups and is campaigning for a powerful movement to combat climate change.

Titled ‘Change the Future’, the new spot reimagines familiar places that have been impacted by climate change via illustrations demonstrating what will happen if we don’t take any action.

“It’s easy to get caught up with facts and figures and be distracted from the real issue at hand. What I like about this idea is it cuts across the debate to show what will happen if we simply carry on as we are,” Australia CEO Glen Klatovsky said.

LIDA creative director Richard Donovan said: “By using illustrations, we engage people’s imaginations and give them room to rethink. At the same time, Australia is giving them a way to take action.”

The ‘350’ in the group’s name refers to the safest carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere that is needed to preserve a liveable Earth. Currently, C02 levels already surpass the threshold, at over 400 parts per million.

The launch coincides with one of Australia’s hottest summers on record.

The campaign will roll out this summer across outdoor, print, poster, web and social media.



LIDA Australia

Victoria Curro: Managing Director

Brendon Harrington: General Manager

Richard Donovan: Creative Director

Domenic Bartolo: Creative / Head of Design

Janet Evans: Senior Copywriter

Daniel Conway: Designer

Jackson Elliott: Animator

John Pannocchia: Executive Producer

Fleur Farrington: Creative Services Manager

Greg Hyslop: Lead Print Producer

Henry Welch: Senior Producer


350 Australia

Glen Klatovsky: CEO

Blair Palese: Director

Melissa Wellham: Communications Coordinator

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