Carnival Cruise Line takes 'pint-sized' approach to latest campaign

26 June 2018

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With the announcement of the new Carnival Splendor cruise ship, Red Engine SCC launches 'Little Carnival', a campaign targeting family-friendly fun for Aussies.

Carnival Cruise Line has launched a new campaign to highlight a fun family experience for Aussies.

The campaign, created by Red Engine SCC is in-line with the recent additions of Carnival Splendor, the newest and largest ship in their Australian fleet.

The ad, 'Little Carnival' shows a captain 'sailing' a small size of the real cruise ship on the streets and across popular Sydney locations.

Carnival’s 'whale tail funnel' and 'Green Thunder' waterslide also feature on the 'pint-sized' version of the boat, surprising passers-by in its debut appearance.

Little Carnival will be present at sporting events and activations.

It aims to engage new audiences through family-friendly fun moments onboard a Carnival cruise ship.

“Carnival Splendor will be the newest and largest ship based in Australia year-round, but she won’t reach our waters until next year,” Red Engine SCC executive creative director Dan Saunders says.

“While most creative campaigns this year will focus on making things as big as possible, instead we played to Carnival’s strength: their sense of fun. We felt that a ‘little ship that was big on fun’ would be perfect to entertain people while keeping social at heart.”

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