Carlton and Clems want you to underthink

1 August 2017

Advertiser: Carlton United Brewers
Creative Agency: Clemenger BBDO (Melbourne)

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Stressed by the sheer amount of decisions you’re having to make on a daily basis? It's time to underthink things.

Carlton Breweries has released a series of clips aiming to simplify Australian lives.

From Clemenger BBDO Melbourne, 'The Underthink Tank' is part of its latest campaign encouraging Aussies to 'underthink it' when it comes to decision making.

Each of the three 15-second spots in The Underthink Tank combat those hard decisions like what food to order, how one should greet a mate and if you can outfit-repeat or not.

In the first spot, a panel decides the importance of bok choy as a dish when ordering dumplings, as one panellist exclaims: “No body has ever woken up and said 'Oh man I wish I got more bok choy'”, problem solved.

In the next, the panellists discuss the incredibly tense moment of choosing between a hug or shake, agreeing on a “handshake wrapped in a hug; a shug”. Another problem solved.

Finally the panel looks at clothing choices, finding the easiest is a blue turtle-neck.

Check out the spots here:

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