Calvin Klein taps influencer marketing with celeb crowd

27 January 2016

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Musicians and models in their underwear … Calvin, you’re a smart man.

Calvin Klein has launched a global campaign featuring Justin Bieber, Kendall Jenner, Kendrick Lamar, FKA twigs, Abbey Lee, Fetty Wap, Joey Bada$$ and a stack load of other celebrities.

The advertising campaign features the usual half-nakedness you would expect to see from Calvin Klein. However they have done something interesting this year – recruited multiple celebrities’ digital influence.

It is not a new strategy, but the fashion label seems to have taken it to the next level with celebrities kicking off the campaign by systematically getting on social media platforms.

Justin Bieber was the first celebrity to upload a photo of himself with the caption “I flaunt in #mycalvins”, followed by a slew of other stars and a short 15-second clip posted by the brand itself.

With these celebs having a collective social media following of millions, Calvin Klein has probably just created an advertising campaign with its biggest reach to date.

No word yet if the campaign is to be solely digital or across TV too – but why would you need TV when you have the Biebs?

Radio and TV personality Jules Lund is a big believer of the "influencer marketing" stategy, having last year launched a start-up based on that very notion.


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