Cadbury kicks off Easter countdown

6 January 2017

Advertiser: Cadbury

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It may only be January but Cadbury wants you to know Easter is here. At least in the advertising world, that is.

Hot cross buns and Cadbury Creme Eggs are Easter essentials and Cadbury is making sure no one misses out.

In the first ad campaign in four years for Crème Eggs, the chocolate brand is proclaiming we are now in "egg hunting season".

The 30-second ad, created by Elvis Communications, features a Creme Egg super fan named Gregg who announces a three-month Creme Egg Hunting Season, which will climax on Easter Sunday (16 April).

Gregg is seen on the porch of his custom built Creme Egg Hunting Lodge on wheels, when he spots a Cadbury delivery van containing the season's first batch of chocolates. Unable to contain his excitement, Gregg sounds his horn and is joined in the pursuit by an eclectic horde of Creme Egg fans.

Cadbury Creme Eggs is known for its somewhat perculiar advertising campaigns, including a spot where a man seems to flirt with a picture of a Creme Egg.


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