Bankwest cuts the BS with new ‘Bank Less’ campaign

11 September 2018

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Bankwest’s bold new campaign employs cheeky slogans to tackle the cynical consumer environment.

Bankwest is aiming to differentiate itself from others in banking category category as consumer cynicism rises as a result of the Royal Commission.

The campaign, developed by bespoke WPP AUNZ agency Union, called ‘Bank Less’ is driven by the insight that Australians do not want more 'bank' in their lives. Instead, they want one that is simple and transparent.

The new brand positioning uses cheeky headlines such as, ‘Less BS. That’s right, less Bank Stuff.’ 

Y&R chief creative officer Paul Nagy, who worked on the campaign as part of Union, says extensive consumer research was undertaken to develop a brand positioning that not only stayed true to Bankwest's brand personality, but directly addressed how Australians felt about banking.

“Consumers want their bank to do what it should do, seamlessly and without complication, and play the right role in their lives - by playing a smaller one,” Nagy says.

“We’ve reflected that creatively by using some of the insights gained during our research in a fun and playful way, but also one that shows the brand to be more open and more transparent so that their customers can enjoy a simple, uncomplicated banking relationship.

“This is not a play-it-safe brand position for Bankwest.  They could have flown under the radar but Bankwest recognises that this is what people want and deserve right now from banks.”

Bankwest executive general manager of customer service Andrew Chanmagum adds ‘Bank Less’ was "not just a campaign" but a philosophy the business was already living through initiatives, products and ways of working. 

The campaign follows Union's first work for Bankwest which launched in July and centred around animation.

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