Aussie and Kiwi icons revisit their childhood in nostalgic LEGO Super Mario collaboration

21 September 2020

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The campaign stars Ryan ‘Fitzy’ Fitzgerald, Giaan Rooney and Joseph Parker.

LEGO Australia and New Zealand has joined forces with some of Australia and New Zealand's most famous faces to celebrate the launch of the brand new LEGO Super Mario range, sending the stars back in time as part of a nostalgic video content series.

Former Australian rules footballer and radio personality, Ryan ‘Fitzy’ Fitzgerald and Olympic gold medallist Giaan Rooney, along with New Zealand professional boxer Joseph Parker, are transported back in time and feature as their younger selves in the ’80s and ‘90s exploring their love for both LEGO and Super Mario.

From mullets and BMX bikes to roller skates and scrunchies, the flashback sees the stars reflect on their youthful love of the two brands and the excitement of introducing the iconic collaboration to their children.

The videos reveal a 12-year-old Fitzy’s sadly unfulfilled dream of winning multiple Brownlow medals, as well as a young Joseph Parker dream of being the next Karate Kid, complete with a cameo from Parker’s Dad, Dempsey.

“I had so much fun shooting the LEGO Super Mario video, any excuse to wear a mullet wig and have a laugh is fine by me,” says Ryan ‘Fitzy’ Fitzgerald.

“As a boy, I was obsessed with LEGO and spent hours playing Super Mario on the Nintendo with my friends, so it was pretty cool to learn that the two brands have collaborated to make an awesome new range that I can introduce to my boys. Ever since the shoot, they’ve been obsessed with the LEGO Super Mario products, and have been asking me when they can get their hands on Bowser’s Castle!”

The LEGO Super Mario sets lets kids experience the world of LEGO and Super Mario in an entirely new way.

Neither a video game nor a traditional LEGO set, it features an interactive LEGO Mario figure who collects coins in real-life game levels created with LEGO bricks.

The LEGO and Nintendo partnership was announced earlier this year, with the Starter Course key to unlocking the entire play, being the only set to feature the interactive LEGO Mario figure that collects coins in-game levels created with LEGO bricks.

"LEGO and Super Mario are both such iconic brands that have been a part of most 90s kids' childhoods, so I was excited to work with them on their collab," says Joseph Parker.

"Shooting the video and reliving my days as a kid looking up to boxing legend David Tua, and loving video games and LEGO, was too much fun. I'm sure that if I was a kid in 2020 I would be keen for a LEGO Super Mario set too - it's pretty awesome how they've managed to combine the bricks with technology to create this new range.”

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