Audika launches new campaign via Now Screen

13 July 2020

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The campaign came to life in two weeks.

Audika has launched a new campaign which lets people who may need some hearing assistance know just how much hearing aids have changed over the years.

The campaign follows on from its recent Kate Ceberano fronted social media campaign featuring Blondie’s famous ‘Call Me’ song created by Poem.

“One in seven people in Australia have trouble hearing and one in six have hearing loss in New Zealand. Given these statistics its important people 60-plus consider getting their hearing tested as part of their annual health check,” Audika group marketing manager Lynda Pallone says.

“People feel concerned that they’re noticeable, but the reality is that technology has improved dramatically and these days hearing aids can be very small and discrete.”

Now Screen senior writer Mardi McConnochie says the campaign was born from an insight of denial.

“What’s fascinating about this brief is the insight that people live in denial and are prepared to put up with quite a significant drop in their quality of life rather than get a hearing test," McConnochie says.

"The sad thing is, they’re missing out on so much when they can’t hear half of what’s said in a busy restaurant or on the TV.”

Audika felt “Whatsnew? – where you see it first” provided a suitably newsy vehicle to showcase just how much Audika cares when it comes to helping people hear.

“We’re thrilled with the way the campaign has been developed,” Pallone says.

“Not least because we only briefed Now Screen last Friday and they managed to turn it around, shoot it and put it on air in two weeks!”

Versions of the TV and digital campaign will run in Australia and New Zealand.


Client: Audika
Group Marketing Manager: Lynda Pallone
Marketing Manager, Acquisition: Aidan Rodgers

Creative Agency and Production Company: Now Screen
Client Service Director: Colin Murace
Global Creative Director: Dana Holder
Senior Writer: Mardi McConnochie
Global Producer: Aryani van Dam
Director: Jason Wingrove
Editor: Esteban de la Concha


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