Arnott’s releases its first ever Christmas ad

21 November 2017

Advertiser: Arnotts

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Arnott's is reminding Australians not to forget to leave a bicky out for Santa this Christmas.

Arnott’s has launched its first Christmas campaign, reflecting on the tradition of leaving a biscuit out for Santa.

The campaign, by TKT Sydney, highlights an insight into how tough Christmas Eve is for Santa, with his only relief coming from his favourite biscuit.

As part of the campaign, Arnott’s has re-branded their much-loved Scotch Finger as ‘Santa’s Biscuits’, encouraging Australian children to take part in the ritual for themselves by sharing the biscuit with Santa.

“Leaving a bicky or two out for Santa is a lovely Christmas ritual, and strangely one Arnott’s hadn’t talked about before. In their first Christmas ad, we wanted to do it justice. For an old fella, Santa works pretty hard on Christmas eve, so a bicky might just make his night," TKT Sydney chief creative officer Ben Coulson says.

Earlier this year Arnott’s launched their new brand purpose, reminding Australians about the importance of moments of real connection. This work is the latest installment of this approach.

“We have transformed the much-loved Scotch Finger into something fun and festive for Christmas. Our snappable Santa’s Biscuits have been created so Aussies can share an Arnott’s classic with Santa during the season of goodwill and, of course, enjoy the remaining half all to themselves," Arnott's marketing director Nik Scotcher.

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