Anti-Discrimination Commission rebrands to Queensland Human Rights Commission

22 July 2019

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New Word Order has created the rebrand for QHRC which was formerly known as the Anti-Discrimination Commission.

Brisbane creative agency New Word Order has created the rebrand for the Anti-Discrimination Commission, now known as the Queensland Human Rights Commission (QHRC).

QHRC is dedicated to protecting 23 human rights—like freedom of speech and religion—through education and reconciliation.

“Our purpose is to make a meaningful difference to people’s lives—and QHRC’s protection of human rights couldn’t be better aligned to what matters to our team and our values,” New Word Order partner and creative director Scott Oxford says.

“Even better, we found the Commissioner, his team and their stakeholders really cared about what they do. Their passion made working on their brand extra rewarding.”

Art director Andrew McGuckin says his visual influences included brand approaches taken by international institutions to reflect the gravitas of the commission.

“Just as importantly, it’s about people—it's about every person knowing that they have rights and that they will be heard," McGuckin says. 

“We all live in one community, so we need to come together and understand those rights. As a result, the colours are warm, inviting and inclusive—showing the commission’s commitment to diversity.”

The rebrand launched on July 1.

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