Aldi and BMF celebrate customer reviews

17 July 2017

Advertiser: Aldi
Creative Agency: BMF

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Dave thinks Aldi pies are 'not bad'; the world rejoices.

Aldi prides itself on its commitment to listening to what shoppers want, especially Dave, who so rarely gives positive feedback.

In the brand's latest 30-second spot from BMF, classic Aussie hero Dave gives an A+ review of Aldi meat pies, and the world rejoices.

Dave is a man of few words and even fewer superlatives. When Dave says something is 'not bad' the world knows that it is in fact incredible.

As part of the Good Different brand platform Aldi, the campaign aims to tell Australians that their opinions matter; good or bad.

The grocery store has been inviting customers to give reviews of products on its Aldi Testers Club to develop better quality products.

The ad follows on from Aldi's We Only Pick The Best ad, which was also part of the Good Different platform. 

The new brand platform was introduced in May with the launch of the Most Satisfied Customers ad:

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