Adshel rallies brands to get advertising over summer

12 September 2017

Advertiser: Adshel

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Adshel is reminding advertisers that when it comes to capturing consumers' attention ahead of Christmas - it all starts in September.

Adshel is calling for advertisers to "Show us your summer briefs" in a campaign that aims to convey how important it is to capture the attention of consumers early in the Christmas season.

The campaign is based on the insight that Aussies spent $75 billion heading into summer in 2016, with 30% of that spend starts occurring as early as September. 

It also aims to leverage the increased foot traffic around its 19,000 touchpoints around Australia as we head into the warmer months.

“Advertisers have the opportunity to influence early and inspire shoppers during this hectic period. Getting out early is key to, not only securing prime placements, but making an impact during the planning and research phase which will result in a brand being more likely to end up in the basket or under the Christmas tree,” Adshel head of marketing Charlotte Valente says.

“Savvy advertisers are already sharing their summer briefs with Adshel because they know that Adshel’s suite of solutions are extremely effective in driving intrigue and purchase intent.”

The trade campaign set to reinforce the need to brief Adshel early is supported by a ‘summer slingshot’ game of skill featuring the most quintessential Aussie ‘summer brief’ – good old budgie smugglers, with a range of summer prizes up for grabs.

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