NX10 - Evolution of the Digital Camera

20 May 2010

Advertiser: Samsung

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Design: Folio Production: Starchild

ProductionsStrategist: Barney Glover

Director: Reuben Field

Digital Creatives: Mat Polaschek and Michael Gordon

Samsung have rolled out an online campaign to promote the new Samsung NX10 digital camera. 

The primary focus of the campaign is a microsite which contains four video documentaries that feature four different creative people particularly relevant to photography: Travel, Sport (Surfing), Film and Creative and Fashion. 

Within each video, the subject uses the NX10 as part of what they do whether it be going to a fashion show, on the pro surf tour, traveling or blogging or creative shooting. 

As well as viewing the videos, visitors to the site can also shoot & win using an NX10 interface game over raw footage of a fashion show, surfing, an artist photo shoot and kayaking. 

The videos have also been seeded through social media and blogs. Seeding and product placement is going to Samsung's own social media channels, as well as over 100 online destinations including Monster Children, Viceland, Cocolee, Lost At Eminor, Hypebeast, Oneill, Surf Dive N Ski, My Lookbook, Design is Kinky,  UnseenTV and AdoreMidori.

The online media buy also includes banners and OTP’s on SMH, The Age, The Vine, Yahoo7, Australian Creative, Cnet, Lonely Planet and Photoimaging.

As well as the fashion documentary (above), you can also see the Sport (Surfing), Film and Travel documentaries. 

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