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Advertiser: Telstra
Creative Agency: Droga5
Added: 05 March 2013

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Does fruit taste better when it's grown to Lady Gaga? Telstra, along with a fruit farmer and a ecosonics scientist are about to find out.
The campaign follows the story of an orchard full of apples that were grown listening to the likes of Elvis and Nirvana via Mog's music streaming playlist.

The clever initiative gives consumers an opportunity to create a playlist that will be played to the growing apples that will be juiced and bottled for the ultimate personalised case of juice.

Telstra's director consumer and small business marketing, Maryanne Tsiatsias said “We’re really excited about this campaign and think it will generate lots of interesting conversations. We think Mog’s ad-free song library makes music better, so we thought, let’s see what it does to fruit juice.”

Production Company: Vice

Yummy Face
Advertiser: ZOOSH
Added: 28/01/14
Rating: 4.3
Advertiser: Qantas
Added: 23/09/13
Rating: 1.0

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