Heroes of Hunger

Advertiser: Red Rooster
Creative Agency: 303Lowe (NSW)
Added: 02 September 2013

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Production: Photoplay Films

Red Rooster has launched a campaign parodying the procrastination of IT employees and used-car salesmen in a bid to promote it's new Mega Rippa roll. It shows two staff in the respective industries working up a "real hunger" by avoiding hard work.

It was created by 303Lowe and is running across TV, radio, print, point-of-sale, social media and online. It launched 1 September 2013.

303Lowe executive creative director Richard Morgan said: “We all know that the office would come to a standstill without the tireless efforts of the IT Department. Red Rooster is the brand that's brave enough to stand up for and celebrate the unsung heroes that keep our country ticking. Rooster's hunger is to satisfy theirs."

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