Two Cents: Some suggestions for Channel Ten

23 August 2012

I, like many Australians, am a sucker for the underdog. It's as if it’s been programmed deep within my genetics; I can’t help but barrack for a come-from-behind victory.

And there is no greater underdog in the Australian advertising landscape right now than Channel Ten.

For years I’ve watched with bated breath, longing for Ten to overcome its larger and fiercer adversaries, Seven and Nine, and for years I’ve been disappointed.

There have been faint glimmers of hope with successes such as MasterChef, but generally speaking, Ten's programming line-up has had about as much depth to it as Australia’s most recent Olympic team. It has been over-relying on one or two strong performers that strive desperately to make up for the underwhelming majority.

After years of trying its hardest to keep up, it seems it is now approaching rock bottom with recent flops such as Everybody Dance Now, and the ironically named, I Will Survive. As a result, I have decided to do my part and volunteer some programming suggestions that I think may help turn the network around.

A few guaranteed gems from the Two Cents vault are as follows:

1. Biggest Brother - A combination of Ten's old favourite, Big Brother, and one of its current consistent performers, The Biggest Loser. Probably best left without a description.

2. Refugee Idol - Music and singing transcend culture and race. With thousands of asylum seekers coming to our shores every year and seemingly no one in our country knowing what to do about it, I have a solution. Instead of locking them up, lets invite them over to Channel Ten and give them something to sing about! The winner could be granted permanent residency, a record contract and a guaranteed spot on Celebrity Biggest Brother, two years down the track.

3. So You Think You Can Act - A show that explores Australia searching far and wide for our country's greatest acting talent. The best actors will be given jobs as Channel Ten board members, and the worst will be given full time roles on Neighbours.

4. Bondi Homeless - After the success of Bondi Vet and Bondi Rescue, this magical TV formula seems infallible! This instalment follows a local homeless person, widely considered by locals as the best dressed man in Bondi. Other possibilities for the franchise could include: Bondi Cougars, Bondi Rabbi or Bondi Wanker.

5. Inside Ten - A reality program that takes you behind the scenes at Network Ten and into the executive meetings currently taking place. A cocktail of high-drama, slapstick comedy, romance and inevitably, tragedy.

After speaking to many people both in and out of the industry, it seems there is an overwhelming feeling of support for Ten’s future and a true desire for David to rise against the odds and overcome Goliath.

As you can see from the above, I’ve done my bit and thrown out some suggestions for the future, and now it’s time for you to do yours.

Comment below with any of your own recommendations or programming ideas you think might help restore Ten to its former glory!

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