THE ADNEWS NGEN BLOG: Staying positive through a restructure

24 August 2012

It’s no breaking news that the media industry is poised to respond to the economic and communication revolutions, like so many other industries across the globe. With restructures here and reformations there, it’s more important than ever to stay positive at work, and stay it proactively!
In order to remain on page with the modern world and economy, over the last few months Australian media companies have announced and implemented plans to make reflective changes to operating structures. Similar structural overhauls are being documented the world over, affecting every industry from politics to pacific-seas piracy. These tides of change have effectively created a number of new-fangled responsibilities and cast a few familiar others out to sea - no Wilson. While this may be enough to distress any Tom Hanks, Dick and Harry, it’s invaluable to remember that the best thing that you can do for your career is stay positive and proactive. Except for maybe take a job in mining.
I thought it would be best to use my soapbox here to discuss the matter of impending transformation and hopefully empower you with a few tips to keep calm and carry on in the face of change. I have detailed these simple tips for you below.
Tip 1:
Look after your physical health, as well as your mental health. This tip represents both the base and cheese of the positivity pizza. It’s commonly known that eating right and regular exercise can help to give you a positive outlook, stay focused and work to the best of your ability. Try to avoid eating things like pizza and, who knows, your next job might be with the Australian Olympic swim team!  
Tip 2:
You can boost your motivational levels simply with the power of music. If you catch the train to work, make yourself a motivational playlist for your iPod or, if you live in a rural area with no modern technology, make a CD for your car. If you don’t have an iPod, it might be worth investing in one; that way you can get a quick fix on your lunch break. Just be careful not to let the haters catch you swagging skull candy during work hours (graphic designers are permissible). One of my favourite motivational tunes is ‘Working in a coal mine’ by Harry Connick Jnr.
Tip 3:
Remind yourself; you don’t work in a coal mine... or a solar company (home insulation, rainwater tanks etc etc).
Tip 4:
Work with the confident knowledge that, although there are currently some radical and scary changes occurring across the media industry, any changes are being made for the future sustainability and strength of our industry. We’ve been told for generations that the ability to adapt to change would ensure our success in the new era of technology, so there really is no excuse. With cross platform information sharing and rapid innovation in communicative abilities, it’s no doubt going to be an exciting time to be in news!
Tip 5:
Listen to the good news!
So there you have it; five quick tips for promoting positivity in the midst of uncertain times, and promoting yourself in the workplace*. If the above tips really were of no practical help at all, I hope they have helped you realise what a tenacious and leading industry we work in, and the importance of staying positive and proactive.
*Please note: above tips may not lead to actual promotion, or be helpful in any way.

Indy Davies
Retail Account Manager
News Queensland

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