Danny Bass: This town can charge like a wounded bull

23 June 2012

I’d like to use the pool please.. “Oui Monsieur, 25 euros s’il vous plait.”

But I’m staying here. “Oui Monsieur, 25 euros s’il vous plait.”

For the day? “Non ½ day Monsieur”

OK I’ll just use the gym instead. “Oui, Monsieur, 25 euros s’il vous plait”

Sod this I’ll just go to the beach “ Oui, Monsieur 25 euros s’il vous plait..”
This town can charge like a wounded bull and has no hesitation in doing so.

A fellow delegate was telling me he’d called reception to ask for an iron only to be told that rooms aren’t supplied with one however for a charge (probably 25 euros!) the hotel could do it.

People descend on Cannes to see great work, be inspired, connect with likeminded people from around the world, fill the media brainbox and take it all back home to share but I wonder if there’s another thing that we can learn from our Gallic friends?  

The locals have no issue in putting a value on a product/service and have the confidence to stick to it. Unlike most high streets back home I haven’t seen one mid year sale poster in any shop window, big or small. In a world of increasing pressures on margins, more scrutiny on the bottom line and an increasing commoditisation of the media industry, an approach of putting a higher value on the products we sell and having the confidence to stick to it is called for.

In addition to this week and the famous film festival, Cannes hosts events like this throughout the year, (apparently more arrests are made at the annual dentists convention held here than all the others combined) and they’ve got very very good at it.  The lifestyle of the Southern Europeans is not usually associated with the work ethic and efficient approach of the Germans and Scandinavians but somehow this place works and works well.

Speaking of which, one of my favorite ads of all time is Honda’s ‘When things just work’. Beautifully shot, totally unique, 100% engaging and Sugar Hill Gang thrown in for good measure. At today’s new directors showcase (biggest queue every year hands down) I really enjoyed an ad that takes over from where the Honda one left off. If you’re yet to see the video for OK GO - Needing Getting it’s worth 10 minutes of your time.

I feel very privileged and fortunate to be here, especially last night when I attended a Microsoft event featuring Mark Ronson, Eryka Badu, the Dap Kings and the big one for me Zigaboo Modeliste drummer of ‘60s funk band the Meters. Brought together as part of the re:generation project (another one to go and look at) it was a great example of what happens when talent, passion, creativity, collaboration and a blending old and new come together.

If you look at the stand out presentations and the awards winning entries this week, everyone of them has followed those principles.

Danny Bass
Chief Digital Officer

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