Countdown of Awesome: Zombie bloodstore, 'Walk in' books and the Power Suit boy toy

1 May 2014

It's Countdown of Awesome time again from your good friends at UM, Tom DiSapia and Robert Bellamy. This week we are dealing with all things fantastical: Coke's crafted rainbows, 'walk in books' and zombies.

5. The Heritage Power Suit

Heritage Bank has a history of pioneering tech, tapping into the rising trend of wearable tech HB partnered with tailor MJ Bale in a cheeky bid to create a suit with a contactless payment (Paywave technology) embedded so that their customers could truly leave their wallets behind.

*They made 11 prototypes and have listed a 12th on eBay so that a lucky member of the public can own one.

4. ALZ

ALZ is a simple game the quickly brings the reality of Alzheimer’s to life. It was made in four days by a college student with no coding experience and proves a game doesn’t need to be complicated or flash to make an impact, and this certainly has an impact.

Play for yourself here.



Reading is a form of escapism, a chance for people to immerse themselves in a different world if only for half an hour. Using geo-tagging technology, TXTR enables people to ‘walk into a book’ by sending them chapters of books that were written about the area they are standing in.

2. The Walking Dead Bloodstore

Capitalising on fanboy love and the fact that the show is known for its over-abundance of bloody gore, Fox launched the new season of Walking Dead in Portugal by opening a blood donation store where fans can buy limited edition merchandise by donating blood. This resulted in a 571% increase in blood donations year-on-year (with 67% being made by new donors) and a 17% increase on viewers versus the previous season.

1. Coke creates a rainbow

To celebrate diversity and democracy in South Africa Coke artificially created a real rainbow in the sky. Simple idea and wonderful execution.

If you have seen something that should have made the countdown this week let Tom and Robert know and become a contributor! @disapia and @robertbellamy

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