Countdown of Awesome: Twitter Zombies, Ikea AR & Google self-driving deliveries

31 October 2012

This week zombies saturate your Twitter feed, Ikea place 3D AR furniture in your home and Google fulfill your e-commerce through self-drive deliveries.

Number 5) Rear-view graffiti
To help promote their rear view camera and its benefits in helping to avoid crushing small children, Toyota used street artist Ernest Zacharevic to graffiti pictures of vulnerable looking kids in parking spaces. The idea was that the relatively lifelike images combined with the tagline ‘protect what’s behind you’ would make you think twice. What do you reckon – would it work for you?


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Spotted by @RobertBellamy via PSFK

Number 4) Walking Dead Twitter Zombie Attack!
A properly ‘viral’ idea from France next where an article on the NT1 Walking Dead site warns people not to tweet #walkingdeadNT1 for fear of attracting unwelcome and potentially contagious zombie attention. When you of course do the opposite from what you’re told, your Twitter Follow list becomes infiltrated with zombies. Great idea from Darewin.


Apparently Twitter keeps closing down these fake accounts, which only serves to make the concept more amusing – as of course zombies are expected to have a particularly long lifespan anyway…

Via Adverblog

Number 3) Ikea Now app shows AR furniture in your home
In Number 3 is another experiment with AR from Ikea. They’ve just released an app which lets you see what furniture items would look like in your home by visualising them in situ through augmented reality



Number 2) Peel Away Billboard Reveals Effects of Burt's Bees Products
Burt’s Bees ‘peel away’ billboard is a brilliantly simple way of helping explain the message through the medium. They stuck a load of flaky looking coupons on a model’s face and let people’s curiosity gradually uncover an ‘intensely hydrated’ looking face underneath. Presumably after a lot of hell of a lot vouchers were redeemed…


Spotted by Y0z2a, via AdAge

Number 1) Google self-drive cars for same-day delivery
In Number 1 position this week is a notion rather than a signed, sealed and delivered innovation. But it’s incredibly cool and promises not to be too far away, so arguably warrants its somewhat tenuous spot.

Google have been successfully remote controlling their driverless cars around California for some time. They now plan to tie up with the likes of Walmart for round-the-clock driverless deliveries, which could completely revolutionise the e-commerce space. Apparently it’s not even that far-fetched as they already have the service up and running for Google employees.


Via Digital Trends

That’s it for this week. If anything screamingly awesome has been missed out, let us know in the comments below. Or feel free to ping any recommendations for next week to @jamescfilmer.

James Filmer
Chief Innovation Officer

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