Countdown of Awesome: Tweeting sharks, sneaky lawyers and hipsters losing their mind over denim

30 January 2014

5) Tweeting Sharks

After a recent spate of shark attacks in Western Australia the authorities are introducing a new tags for sharks that tweet when they come close to popular beaches alerting swimmers of the impending danger. We hope they give them some personality.

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4) Divorce Lawyers Get Creative

Simple and brilliant creative for divorce lawyers – honeymoon video removed from YouTube.

3) Toyota FT-1

Being big car fans we loved how Toyota launched the new Supra, the FT-1. Despite our love of fast cars we also are well aware we can’t afford them, and so is Toyota. Shortly after revealing the FT-1 at the Detroit Auto Show they released the car to be driven by the general public on Gran Turismo 5.


2) Denham Psycho

Making fun of hipsters is so hot right now. This branded content / short film is worthy of a Sundance premiere as the original cult-classic it is based on.

1) How to Knock Off a Bag

Saddleback leather were tired of counterfeiters doing a poor job faking their bags so they decided to teach them how to do it properly while educating shoppers on why their bags are so special.

As always if we have missed anything or you have suggestions for next week please tweet us.



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