Countdown of Awesome: Recovery beers are real, cats eat your mail and Lego takes over

14 February 2014

It's the final countdown from UM's Robert Bellamy and Tom diSapia. Until the next one, which should be next week some time. Today it's all about Lego.

5) Plonk!

It's great to see travel advertising done with a bit of irreverence and humour instead of the typical montage of mindless glory shots. Chris Taylor from The Chaser nails every winery tour cliché for Destination NSW.

4) Lean Machine Ale

There is nothing better after a long ride or tough match than the taste of a cold beer. Unfortunately, it’s the last thing our dehydrated bodies need – until now. Lean Machine Ale is a beer and exercise recovery drink in one, high in nutrients and protein. We can’t wait to see the first sponsored athlete smashing a beer on the gold medal podium.

3) Bulk Cat Litter Warehouse Owns DR

In order to get the attention of cat owners through a traditionally annoying and un-engaging mail DR campaign, Bulk Cat Litter Warehouse understood the path to a cat owner's heart is – unsurprisingly – through their cat. By covering their DR mail in catnip, they got cats to go searching through their owners' mail for them and quickly lost their minds.

2) Sony's Walkman in a Bottle

Sony launched its new water-proof Walkman aimed at swimming enthusiasts by packaging the product in water bottles and sold them at vending machines next to pools. It doesn’t get much more targeted or contextually relevant than that.

1) Lego's Three-Minute Ad

To promote its upcoming movie, Lego took over a whole three-minute ad break in partnership with iTV in the UK and a number of other brands. They didn’t simply play a three-minute trailer but recreated other brands' ads and Lego-fied them. The result is awesome.

If we have missed anything or you spot something for next week let us know @disapia and @robertbellamy

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