Countdown of Awesome: New Myspace and Pinterest, mind readers and wearable emergency maps

26 September 2012

This week’s roundup includes 2 new social networks you need to know about, a brilliant internet safety viral and an ingenious project from MIT to create emergency first-responder automatic wearable mapping.

Number 5) The Sneaky Psychology of Advertising
In Number 5 this week is a fascinating infographic of behavioural psychology techniques employed by advertisers to encourage you to impart with your hard earned cash. Some of the classic techniques profiled include over stimulation, memory revision and affective conditioning. Freaky stuff.


Via @robertbellamy


Number 4) New My Space
Next up is a sneak peak at the brand new MySpace platform. I have to admit that I didn’t expect to be writing about MySpace ever again, let alone in a column about innovation, but they’ve completely redesigned the platform and it actually looks pretty impressive. New MySpace looks to be a kind of Facebook-Twitter-Pinterest-Flipboard-style mashup but with a clearer focus on music and entertainment. The layout looks pretty slick too – check it out on Vimeo here.



Via @DiSapia


Number 3) Setify from eBay
In Number 3 this week is yet another new social platform – Setify from eBay. It’s intended to allow people to proudly show off collections of stuff they’ve accumulated, or build wish lists to then forage around for on eBay. The platform currently just works with comics and coins but looks set to include all your favourite tat.



Number 2) The amazing mind reader

Just missing out on first spot this week is a great viral about internet safety from Belgium. I’ve probably just spoilt it with that explanation but it’s definitely worth a watch anyway.

To watch the video click here.

Via Searcheverywhere

Number 1) Automatic Building Mapping
In the glorious Number 1 position this week is an ingenious invention from MIT which turns emergency first responders into human mapping machines through ‘wearable computing’. Any attempted description here won’t do it justice – best listen to this somewhat serious but evidently smart guy instead.

To watch the video click here.


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