Countdown of Awesome: Neknomination and other shareable stuff

7 February 2014

This week is all about cycling in the sky, ice trucks and neknominating. You have 24 hours to pass this on. Enjoy.

5) Foster + Partners SkyCycle

This is a proposed cycle track that’s in the sky. Probably the coolest way to get around London that also saves lives.

4) Canadian Tire’s Ice Truck

These guys built a working truck out of ice to demonstrate that their batteries can perform in subzero temperatures.

3) The Sunday Times – Icons

Some say newspapers are dead but as this fantastic ad shows they certainly haven’t lost touch. At least not all of them.

2) Lego: Blind Art Project

LEGO enabled blind children to experience what other people see through touch. What is different about this campaign, and what I love in particular is that they explain famous works of art to these children and get them to build what they see in their mind’s eye (and some are pretty close).

Via @toph_colter

1) Neknomination For Good

By now everyone has heard of Neknominating or more than likely participated. It has caught a lot of flak in the media and rightly so for encouraging people in ever more reckless drinking stunts. Finally someone has used the viral for good, it proves you don’t need to be a big brand or some hero to be a legend. On that note though we wish we had thought of it for one of our brands...

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