Countdown of Awesome: NASA, autism and a bunch of sailors

12 May 2014

It's Countdown of Awesome time again from UM's Tom DiSapia and Robert Bellamy. This week's top videos include students all around the world getting innovative with the likes of NASA, as well as a novelty boost in the advertising world - four brands collaborate together for Autism awareness week.

5.  Sortie En Mer
Sailors are often complacent about wearing a lifejacket. This interactive story shows how easy it is for a sailor to find themselves in serious trouble. Keep scrolling to keep your head above water!

4. ISS HD Earth Viewing Experiment

NASA teamed up with High School students to help design a live HD feed from the International Space Station. They are testing the technology and its limits in outer space for future missions and raising a little bit of PR in the process. Beautiful and real-time shots of our Earth accessible 24 / 7 really shows just how far we’ve gone in just a few decades.

3. Autism Speaks

Four brands came together for Autism awareness week to produce four ads following the same story line to bring awareness to the difference early diagnosis can make to a person with Autism. Awesome to see four brands working together for a single cause.

2. Donation Collecting Billboards

Ease of support and transparency of donations are two of the most important variables that impact peoples’ donation behaviour. Using digital outdoor panels with built in credit functionality, relief organisation Misereor not only enabled users to donate to a charity then and there using their credit card, but also brought to life the impact and effect of their donation through related video content.

1. Speaking Exchange

In Brazil students learning English don’t always have a native English speaker to learn from. Many Americans living in retirement homes want to contribute more society than they are. FCB introduced the Brazilian students to the retired Americans and solved both problems in one.

As always let us know if you have any recommendations for next week @disapia and @robertbellamy

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