Countdown of Awesome: Live debate GIFs, Sky Tweets & Google Ocean View

4 October 2012

This week’s roundup includes some brilliant why-didn’t-I-think-of-that’s, including live election debate GIFs, sky writing Tweets and (of course) the ability to 3D print yourself as a fairy princess.

Number 5) Tumblr live GIFs the election
Tumblr is planning on covering Wednesday night’s US election debates in their own unique digital style. They’ve recruited a crack team of GIF artists to crank out instant animations of the best debate moments, from zingers to gaffes to awkward silences. The place to revel in all the GIFs is the purpose-built Gifwich live-GIFfing blog.

Election Gif

Number 4) 3D print yourself as a fairy princess

The D Tech Me Princess experience from Disney enables kids to 3D print a figurine of themselves as a fairy princess. It uses ‘the world's highest-resolution, single-shot 3D face scanner to create the final princess figurine using a high resolution 3D printer’. The end result is perhaps just a little creepy as the most popular YouTube comment ventures, but undeniably smart.

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Number 3) Nestlé’s Fountain of Electrolytenment
To promote their new bottled water infused with electrolytes, McCann’s have created The Fountain of Electrolytenment. It’s a 3-day interactive installation answering questions from live audiences with cascading sheets of water. It’s a technology they admit is somewhat old skool, but has an interesting interactive twist. Check out the video on Co.Create.


Number 2) Paddy Power 'sky tweets' ambush Ryder Cup
The US golfers’ dramatic loss in the Ryder Cup probably wasn’t helped too much by Paddy Power’s sky written Tweets over the last 2 days of the competition. The cunning stunt involved five planes "writing" 40 tweets in the sky, which had been originally tweeted by European Ryder Cup fans. Not entirely sure what the stunt’s got to do with betting but it’s pretty smart all the same.

Via @SteveChristison

Number 1) Google Ocean View

Not content with mapping streets, mountains, shopping malls and the sky, Google have just released a series of underwater panoramic images from Australia, The Philippines and Hawaii. The results are quite spectacular – check out the video below.

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